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 Collection Wants!

Of course if you have anything that isn't on these lists, throw them my way! I either forgot to put them up, or I have no idea they exist.

Milotic Collection Wants:
~~~* GRAILLLLL*~~~ Swimming Zukan ~~~* GRAILLLLL*~~~
Milotic Kid
Clear Milotic Kid
Milotic Can Badge (image)
Milotic Water Squirter
Milotic Water Collection Figure
Milotic Pokedex Figure
Milotic TOMY Figure
*MINI GRAIL* Milotic Retsuden Stamp *MINI GRAIL*
Milotic Keychain
Milotic Chou Get
Milotic Battrio Coin (swimming)
Milotic Battrio Coin (sitting)
Milotic/Feebas Flipz Card
Milotic Trozei Stickers
Milotic Pan Stickers
(and any others of her millions of flats)

Lati@s Collection Wants (FUUU- SO MANY OF THEM):

Latias Pokedoll
Latios Pokedoll
Lati@s Zukan
Lati@s 10th Anniversary Zukan
Latias Kid
Latios Kid
*MINI GRAIL* Clear Latias Kid *MINI GRAIL*
*MINI GRAIL* Clear Latios Kid *MINI GRAIL*
*MINI GRAIL* Shiny Latias Kid *MINI GRAIL*
*MINI GRAIL* Shiny Latios Kid *MINI GRAIL*
*MINI GRAIL* Clear Latias Attack Kid *MINI GRAIL*
*MINI GRAIL* Clear Latios Attack Kid *MINI GRAIL*
Latias Attack Kid
Latios Attack Kid

Latias Suction Cup
Latios Suction Cup
Latias in a Bottle figure
 Latias TFG
Latios TFG
Latios Battle Figure
Latias Legendary Figure
Lati@s Bath Salt figure
Latias TOMY
Latios TOMY
Large Latias TOMY
Large Latios TOMY
Latias Jakks
Latios Jakks
Clear Latias Jakks
Clear Latios Jakks
Latias Bottlecap Figure
Latios Chess Piece
Latias Minicot
Latios Minicot
Latias Mighty Bean
Latias Battrio Coins
Latios Battrio Coins
Latias Retsuden Stamp
Latios Retsuden Stamp
*MINI GRAIL* Latias Keshipoke *MINI GRAIL*
*MINI GRAIL* Latios Keshipoke *MINI GRAIL*
Latias Pencil Topper
Latios Pencil Topper
Latias Pokedex Figure
Latios Pokedex Figure

Teeny Latios Charm Keychain + Clear version (shown here)
Teeny Latias Charm Keychain + Clear version
(and any other flats there may be)

Weavile Collection Wants:
Weavile Zukan
Movie Special Weavile Zukan
Weavile Jakks

Weavile Kid
Clear Weavile Kid
Weavile Attack "Metal Claw" Kid
Clear Weavile Attack "Metal Claw" Kid
Weavile "Nasty Plot" Kid
Clear Weavile "Nasty Plot" Kid
Weavile "Claws Crossed" Kid
Weavile TOMY
Clear Weavile TOMY
Weavile Bottlecap Figure
Weavile Pokedoll
~~~*GRAIL*~~~ Weavile DX Pokedoll ~~~*GRAIL*~~~
Weavile Battrio
Weavile Keychains
Weavile Pez!
Weavile Laying TOMY Plush
Large Weavile TOMY Figure
Strange Weavile figure with an ice-like base.. idk its name D:
Other Wee-things/flats I cant remember c:


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